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Bhawna Gupta

Mrs. Bhavna Gupta

Hello friends,

                     I am Bhavna Gupta, house wife, my hobbies are cooking, painting and teaching. I am very fond of cooking and enjoy a lot, serving people with variety of dishes, my hobby becomes my passion and I started experiments with  my cooking skill. I used to be obsessive since I thought eating anything or  I can say  unhygienic food from the restaurant, its better why can’t i make them at home, as it contains more nutrition and hygiene will be maintained simultaneously, so I started to cook my food in restaurant styles and it was amazing, when everyone used to like my experiments with the food and were very much keen to know  about my recipes  and their methods . so I started  taking cooking classes  after few months, I had to shut down everything my husband got transferred  into an entirely new city. I took time to set up in new city and I was busy in nurturing my young children but my passion was still in me  there also. People used to love my cooking  and they wanted that I should start my cooking classes but destiny had some other plans, I was not physically and mentally prepared for it, since it  was difficult to find  to your passion when a bunch of responsibility is on you . However, today my children have grown up and I posses significant amount of time to follow my passion. I think it is an excellent  medium to exchange ideas and research with the people. Thinking of this, I am moving on the path with a positive feeling that you all will always with me and appreciate my work.

     “ I believe that taste is like a horizon … but most important thing is....that you have cook food with good mood and served well manner.... that will lure everyone to taste it.”