Indian Snacks' Recipes : Main Course

पार्टी वाली गोभी की सब्जी

गोभी एक बहुत ही पसंद की जाने वाली सब्जी है इसे बच्चे, बड़े सभी बहुत पसंद से खात...Read More

दाल मखानी ( मिक्स दाल मखानी )

मैंने दाल मखनी को एक नया स्वाद दिया है और इसे चार तरह के दालों के साँथ मिला कर ...Read More

veg dum biryani ,vegetable biryani ,Hydrabadi dum biryani

veg dum biryani is made with rice and mix veggies ,herbs and spices .Biryani is an aromatic ,flavorful and colorful rice dish made with specal variety of rice called basmati rice,traditionally BIRYANI...Read More

crispy baby potato

Baby potato एक प्रकार के छोटे आलू होते हैं जिन्हें काट कर बनाने की जरुरत नहीं होती ह...Read More


बैगन को सब्जियों का राजा माना जाता है क्योंकि इसके बहुत सारी किस्मे है, हमार...Read More

Vegetable Khichdi

Vegetable Khichdi is highly nutritious food,it is served as prasad on the main festivals of India such as Durga Puja, Ganesh Puja and temples also ,it is known as Bengal's Khichdi during worship i...Read More

stuff dal paratha

Stuffed paratha can be prepared with lentils, potatoes and vegetables etc. stuffed dal paratha made with prepared mashed spicy lentils ,roll the wheat flour dough ball into stuffing as a pratha and sh...Read More

LITTI CHOKHA लिट्टी चोखा

Litti chokha is one of the popular dish in Indian states of jharkand, bihar and other northern regions. People like to intake on cold weather as it is a hot dish.....the  people of villag...Read More

Sambhar Dal (सांभर दाल)

Sambhar is a south Indian dal or lentil based vegetable curry made with adding tamarind pulp and sambhar powder.sambhar dal is good accompaniment of various south Indian dishes like idli, dosh...Read More

'PITTHI WALI MOONG PURI' (पीठी वाली मूंग पूड़ी)

Puri is famous Indian bread..it is favorite at all ages groups, Indian people like to make puri very much because it is less time taking. A lot of people can be served at a time, for this reas...Read More


Puliodharai or pulihora is also known as Tamrind rice very popular dish in south india. Main ingredents in this recipe are rice, tamrind, lemon and hing . It is very mouth watering recipe best...Read More